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Visa Valuation Services Noida, Delhi India

By Dr S N Bansal On 2017-04-22 04:04:07

For an individual aspiring to go abroad, either for education or business, nothing can be more dejecting than rejection of the visa. And if the visa is rejected on the basis of false valuation of the applicant’s worth, then it is even more traumatising. With Government Approved Valuers India’s visa valuation services, one can be assured of avoiding such short comings. 

We perform due-diligence while carefully analysing your assets that can go on in to strengthening your visa application. The assets that our valuers evaluate can be as diverse as: 

• Residential and Commercial properties owned
• Agricultural land owned
• Personal and commercial vehicles owned
• Gold in the form of jewellery or Gold ETFs
• Liquid holdings in bank accounts, fixed deposits etc
• Other portfolio, contributing to income like stocks, rents etc.

All of the above movable and immovable assets thus go into reinforcing your visa application, which is backed by our asset valuation report. The carefully analysed assets thus ensure that they convey the message of your ability to pay for your purpose of visit, in a neatly crafted financial report.

Government Approved Valuer India’s visa valuation services compliment your visa application by way of suitable and apt financial documents, indicating your ability to pay for your visit. This greatly enhances your chances of visa approval.

Our financial reports are combined with your other bank statements, forming an extensive financial testimony of your ability to pay through your course and or visit in the foreign land.

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